Electronics associated with microsystems, instrumentation and measurement systems

Instrumentation et systèmes de mesures.jpg
Instrumentation and measurement systems

Nowadays applications require embedded systems able to observe their environment while moderate in size and power consumption.

Our approach is to develop complete data acquisition systems adapted to specific applications with innovation on the entire chain.

Currently, our target applications are: microfluidics, portable and integrated RMN, biomedical instrumentation and very-low power environmental parameters acquisition systems. The corresponding last contributions are:

  • realization at ESIEE Paris clean rooms of piezoelectric sensors (microphone, ultrasound,  deformation) and bio-implantable RMN antennas
  • design of sensors pre-amplifiers
  • systems simulation with "bond graph" methodology
  • design of a diagnostic device for hematology
  • realization of portable magnetic fields

Contact : isys.recherche@esiee.fr