Components and circuits for wireless and optical communication systems

Systemes de communications radios et optiques
Wireless and optical communication systems

Communication systems become smarter. Data rates are continuously increasing. Autonomy, tunability, ubiquity are thus key targets together with costs and size reductions. Those needs and solutions are enabled by key enabling technologies, such as photonics and micro-nano-RF technologies.

ESIEE Paris and ESYCOM work on the development of key solid-state devices and associated original circuits to address these needs with:

  • low power and smart circuits for RF communications, to solve key bottlenecks including high efficiency, tunability and ultra-low phase noise
  • microwave-photonics technologies and systems for Radio-over-Fiber (RoF) and millimeter waves applications, including microwave phototransistors (HPT) in SiGe or InGaAs, analogue VCSELS, silicon sources and silicon photonic 3D integration

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