Electronics, communication

Composants et circuits des systèmes de communication
Components and circuits for wireless

This research is conducted in the “System Engineering” department. It involves 11 academic staff members and between 15 to 20 PhD students.

A major part of the research staff is associated to the Laboratoire d'Electronique Systèmes de Communication et Microsystèmes (ESYCOM EA 2552), which is a joint research unit of Université Paris-Est with UPEM - ESIEE Paris-Le Cnam.

Our research is related to the concept of smart connected objects. It includes works on:

  • Electronics systems with low power consumption and reconfigurable hardware,
  • Integration and miniaturization of measurement systems,
  • Sensors and actuators,
  • Wireless and optical communications : this activity is positioned on proximity communications for mobility, connectivity and localization in urban areas. Our work focuses on: new wireless transceiver architectures for low power consumption, transmitter linearization techniques, architectures and circuits for millimeter wave communications in nomadic context, design of integrated circuits corresponding to main technological challenges of innovative transceiver architectures, convergence of electronics and photonics, design of new waveforms to improve the localization in complex environments, and advanced linear and non-linear signal processing and behavioral modeling.

Transceiver architectures and algorithms for wireless communications and localization systems

Components and circuits for wireless and optical communication systems

Electronics associated with microsystems, instrumentation and measurement systems