Sustainable City

Illustration ville durable

Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (ICST) play a major role in the instrumentation, the design and the management of modern urban space - the Sustainable City

Urbanisation has a significant impact on people and on the environment i.e. different kinds of pollution, resource and waste management, health of people, health of structures, mobility and lifestyles. The resulting needs have promoted the emergence of new procedures, new materials, new software, new hardware and modern management techniques i.e. virtual management, sounding and analysis using imaging techniques, dissemination of communicating and autonomous sensor networks, services for individuals, logistical techniques, hybrid vehicles, renewable energies, nanomaterials, etc.

The synergy between ICST and sustainable city already led to a proliferation of projects and new, original, research subjects, to which ESIEE Paris contributes in may ways, in particular by actively participating in numerous excellence initiatives, approved within the Framework of the Investment Programme for the future (Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir - PIA) steered by the National Research Agency (Agence Nationale de la Recherche - ANR):

  • Equipement d’excellence SENSE-CITY – Sustainable City and Sensors
  • Laboratoire d’Excellence SITES - Science, Innovation and Techniques in Society
  • Laboratoire d’Excellence Bézout - Models and Algorithms: Continuous to Discrete
  • Laboratoire d’Excellence MMCD – Microstructured Materials for Sustainable Construction
  • Institut de la Transition Energétique (ITE) EFFICACY EFFICACITY

The Sustainable City projects are split into five categories:

Sensors and Instrumentation

Equipment Excellence (EquipEx) - Sense-City  - PIA Programme, involving ESIEE Paris in collaboration with IFSTTAR, CSTB and LPICM-CNRS & Ecole Polytechnique. Contact: T. Bourouina

Massively-Distributed and Nomadic Instrumentation for Transportation and City. In collaboration with IFSTTAR, LNE, IGN and Ecole des Ponts. Contact: T. Bourouina

SMART WATER NETWORK: Designing a continuous and periodical water network monitoring system. FUI Project in collaboration with ADVITAM and IFSTTAR. Contact: D. Angelescu

Study of Resonant Sensors for the Analysis of Particulate Air Pollution. Project of the Institut CARNOT VITRES. Contact: E. Algré

MICADO: Micro Sensors for Continuous Remote Monitoring of Water Quality. In collaboration with ADVITAM, EFS, SUEZ-Environnement and IFSTTAR. Contact: D. Angelescu

Design and Creation of Gas Microsensors for the Rapid Detection of Fungal Development in Closed Spaces. CSTB Collaboration Contact: T. Bourouina

Non-Linear Energy Harvesting  Solutions (NEHS). European Marie-Curie Project. Contact: P. Basset

Microfluidics Characterization/Rheology. Applications for Water Quality, Hydrocarbons and Pharmaceutical Products. Project of the Institut Carnot VITRE. Contact: D. Angelescu

Intelligent System for the Prevention of Structural Risks. FUI Project in collaboration with ADVITAM and IFSTTAR. Contact: D. Angelescu

TESEER: Design and Creation of a Micro-Source of Thermoelectric/ Thermionic Energy Optimised by Electromagnetic Radiation in the Visible and Mid-Infrared Spectrum. Enterprise Foundation EADS. Contact: P. Basset

SESAM: Smart Multiple Source Energy Scavenger for Autonomous Microsystems.
ANR Project Contact: P. Basset

Low-Cost Measurement System based on Integrated Reconfigurable Multi-Function Sensors, with the project aiming to obtain a low-cost system for measuring several physical values (temperature, pressure, humidity). ANR SCAP Project Contact: G. Amendola

The City for All

v-ASSIST: Voice Controlled  Assistive Care and Communication Services for the Home. Contact: T. Simonnet

ARHOME: Electronic butler for an exchange and service package intended for the services and home care and social activities of their clients. Contact: T. Simonnet
The Optimum Management of Two Energy Sources (batteries and super-condensers) for a Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Collaboration with AKKA. Contact: A. Cela

WIKIWALK: Vocal guidance for pedestrians. Project FEDER Contact: G. Baudoin

Integrated Cognitive Assistive and Domotic Companion Robotic Systems for Ability and Security

European Project COMPANIONABLE . Contacts: F. Rocaries, T. Simonnet

QUOVADIS: Remote Day-to-Day Living Assistance for Elderly Persons with cognitive impairment. Contacts: F. Rocaries, T. Simonnet

INFOMOVILLE: Real-Time environment for the INFOrmation, direction and safety of passengers with sensory disabilities as they use public transportation, interchanges and, more generally, for mobility in cities. Contact: G. Baudoin

An Optimum, Real-Time Navigation System. AKKA INGENIERIE PRODUIT Collaboration Contact: A. Cela

Images and Materials

ESIEE Paris' team on Sensors and measurement Microsystems, member of the ESYCOM laboratory is associated with the Laboratoire d’Excellence for Micro-structured  Materials for Sustainable Construction (LabEx MMCD) - PIA Programme, in collaboration with IFSTTAR, Ecole des Ponts, UPEM and UPEC.
Contact: T. Bourouina

Reconstruction of X Tomography Images of Materials with Preconceived  Information. SAINT-GOBAIN Collaboration. Contact: H. Talbot

Determination of the mechanical properties of a material with short fibres by simulation and image analysis. LAFARGE Collaboration. Contact: M. Couprie

MAP Integration and Training Platform for the PINK Image Analysis Tool. EDF Collaboration. Contact: M. Couprie

Fibre Segmentation Method using 3D Tomographic Images. Validation, Improvement and Extension of a Larger-Scale Fibre Segmentation Method
LAFARGE Collaboration. Contact: M. Couprie

Development of a Cement Fibre Identification and Segmentation Program Using Images Obtained by 3D Micro-Tomography. LAFARGE Collaboration. Contact: M. Couprie

The experimental Design and Micro-Mechanical Modelling of the Cracking of Cement Materials. ANR MICRO-FIS Project. Contacts: M. Couprie, H. Talbot

Mobility and Transportation

The TransWay Plus and PFT Plus Platform Project, offers deciders and companies a solution which allows them to encourage people to use and keep on using means of transportation other than private cars. Contact: A. Lacombe

Experimentation with a Collaborative Platform and its associated Nomadic Tools in order to Encourage and Add Value to the use of Alternative Transportation within the Choletais Urban Region. PREDIT – INCIT Project. Contact: A. Lacombe

Motorisation of Heavy Electric Vehicles such as Trucks and Buses in City Transportation. This project brings two other industrial partners together and benefits from funding from the Conseil Régional d'Ile de France (Regional Council of Ile de France). FUI VHE Project. Contacts: A. Cela, A. Réama

Real-Time Environment for the Information, Direction and Safety of Passengers with Sensory Disabilities as they use Public Transportation, Interchanges and, more generally, for Mobility in Cities. INFOMOVILLE Contact: G. Baudoin

Digital City

URBACONCEPT: Urbaconcept Innovation platform with quality assurance from the ADVANCITY hub. This brings together, in a single place, the tools and resources required to model a city or a district so as to simulate the effects of development or urban mobility projects. Contacts: M. Akil, T. Grandpierre

ORIGIN: Optical Radio Infrastructure for Gigabit Indoor Networks. Developing an Inter-Building Connectivity Solution based on Radio Over Fibre Technology. FUI Project. Contact: J-L. Polleux

COCPIT: Comparison of Video Communication Systems for Lecturers . Contact: O. Venard