ICT & Society

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The direction of technological change

The convergence between hard sciences on one hand, and social science and economics on the other hand, is translated at ESIEE Paris by research into the Management of innovation and driving the technological change.

It is characterized by a range of subjects and disciplines which associate the management sciences (finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, strategy, project management, etc.), economic and social sciences (industrial and innovation economics, international economics, spatial economics, etc.) and the management of new technologies (practices and knowledge of information sciences, physical sciences and life sciences), including in cutting-edge sectors, such as nanotechnologies.

ESIEE Paris is a founder member of the "Institut Francilien Recherche, Innovation, Société" (IFRIS) consortium since April 2007, which created a group of scientific Interest (GIS). The CNRS, INRA, UMLV, EHESS, ENPC, IEP, OST and ESIEE Paris are the members of the consortium. Associated with LATTS (UMR 8134) ESIEE Paris lecturers participate in the work of the TIO team (Technology Innovation Organisation). This activity slots into the extension of the European excellence network, PRIME. It is at the heart of ESIEE Paris's participation in IFRIS. This research team is interested in the dynamics of the production and acquisition of knowledge in ground-breaking technologies.


Here are typical research projects that illustrate this field:

Radical Innovation and Market Construction - Strategy of Nanotechnology Firms, in collaboration with NOVANCIA. Contact: A. Delemarle

Start-Up Performance Analyses - Analysis of the Development Trajectory on Appraisal, in collaboration with Advancia/Negocia. Contact: J. Redis

Exploration of the Feasibility of the Provision of a Patent Viewing Station based on the PATSTAT  Database, within the framework of the IFRIS. Contact: A. Schoen

Lexical Analysis of Patents in the PATSTAT Database, within the framework of the IFRIS. Contact: A. Schoen

Characterization and Identification on a Global Scale of the Big Thinkers and Research Institutions in the Nuclear Sector. Characterization of their relationships with those involved in the nuclear sector, in collaboration with AREVA. Contact: B. Kahane

Paperless Document Chain For Heterogeneous Documents, in collaboration with the SAFIG, A2IA, Bantec and with UPMC and CNAM. Contact: X. Hilaire

Advanced Monitoring and Coordination of EU R&D Policies at Regional Level, European Project AMCER. Contact: A. Schoen

Corporate Invention Board © Analysis of Worldwide Invention Behaviour of the Main World Groups in Combining the Study of Patent and Financial Databases. Contact: A. Schoen