Cutting-Edge Technological Innovations

Several departments of ESIEE Paris participate in research programmes in the field of health, in close relationship with companies and different university hospitals (CHU).

Medical Imaging

ESIEE Paris researchers have become known internationally for the processing of medical images and have long since been working both with industries in the health sector and with medical teams, on subjects such as the following:

The Scanner Image-Based Measuring and Viewing of Myocardium in 3D and 3D+Time, with CHU Henri Mondor de Créteil;

Image Segmentation and restoration Methods with SIEMENS Research Princeton;
Detection of Thin Structures, such as Blood Vessels, in 2D and 3D Images with GENERAL ELECTRIC;

The Geometric and Physical Modelling of the Network of Blood Vessels in the Brain, with KitWare and the Universities of Reims, Strasbourg and Grenoble.

Health Instrumentation and Sensors

Cutting-edge technological innovations based on the use of micro-technologies have lead to the creation of interfaces and sensors deployed on and inside the human body, e.g.:

Networks of micro-electrodes (or MEA - Micro Electrode Arrays) for recording and stimulating neuron signals or for the development of retina implants, in collaboration with the Institut de la Vision, INSERM, the CNRS and the CEA.

A technological MEMS stream Artificial Diamonds for Chemical or Biological Sensors, in collaboration with the CEA,

Intraocular Eye pressure Sensors and Integration into Disposable Lenses.

Health projects are split into three categories:

Medical Imaging

Automatic Detection and Quantification of Vascular Damage in Angiography, in collaboration with General Electric Healthcare. Contact: L. Najman

Algorithmic and Architectural Optimization Method for Systems dedicated to Medical Applications, in collaboration with the University of Toulouse Le Mirail - Contact: M.Akil

Health Instrumentation and Sensors

The Adaptive Measurement of Eye Pressure (Project ANR TecSan MATEO) including the Development of Disposable Lenses for Continuous Eye Pressure Measurement. Contact: L. Rousseau

Diamond Electrode Matrices for the Neuron Interfacing Applied to the Operational Substitute  (Project ANR TecSan MEDINAS). Contacts: L. Rousseau, B. Mercier

Hybridisation of Neuron Networks for the Exploration of Rehabilitation Functions (HYbridation de REseaux de Neurones pour l'exploration de fonctions de réhabilitation Project ANR HYREN). Contacts: G. Lissorgues, L. Rousseau

Neuronal Nanocarbon Interfacing Structures (European Project NEUROCARE). Contact: G. Lissorgues

A bio-mimicry enabled artificial sniffer (European project SNIFFER). Contact: G. Lissorgues

Improvement of a Ektacytometer and Revision of two Haematology Laboratory Devices at Kremlin Bicêtre University Hospital. A. Finkelstein

Three-Dimensional Multiple Site Electrode Matrices for the 3D Imagery of the Electrical Activity of the Central Nervous System. Contact: L. Rousseau

Personal Assistance

Computerized home help for Alzheimer's support, Project ANR TANDEM. Contact: F. Rocaries

Remote Day-to-Day Living Assistance for Elderly Persons with cognitive impairment. (Aide à Distance à the Vie Quotidienne for des personnes agées atteintes de troubles cognitifs - Project ANR QuoVaDis). Contacts: F. Rocaries, T. Simonnet

Real-Time Environment for the Information, Direction and Safety of Passengers with Sensory Disabilities as they use Public Transportation, Interchanges and, more generally, for Mobility in Cities, Project INFOMOVILLE, Contact: G. Baudoin

Integrated Cognitive Assistive and Domotic Companion Robotic Systems for Ability and Security, European Project - COMPANIABLE. Contacts: F. Rocaries, T. Simonnet