300 m² of white rooms
Microscope électronique à balayage (MEB) des salles blanches ESIEE Paris

The Microelectronics and Microsystems Department (MMD) has more than 30 years of experience in procedures dedicated to microelectronics and microsystems. The MMD's work mainly entails the creation of silicon-based prototypes or the production of limited series. These operational micro-components are not only used for very specialised applications such as oil prospecting, aviation and integrated optics, but also for applications for the general public (telephony and automotive fields, etc.).

The MMD aims to do the following:

  • Provide technical white room resources for formal and continuing education (in-company or inter-company internships) and for the research missions of ESIEE Paris and ESYCOM (Teaching researchers and Ph.D Students);
  • Support companies and public laboratories (SCHLUMBERGER, SAGEM, AUXITROL ESTERLINE, NXP, CNRS, CEA, INSERM) by carrying out research projects or steps of technological procedures within the framework of industrial or public contracts;
  • Receive outside companies, within the framework of partnerships, in the MEMS field (Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems);
  • The development of research Partnerships abroad (USA, Great-Britain, Egypt, Singapore, China and Japan).
Equipement salles blanches Microscope électronique à balayage (MEB) des salles blanches ESIEE Paris Réalité virtuelle imagerie et la réalité virtuelle.jpg

The Virtual Reality Room

An immersive virtual reality room has been created at ESIEE Paris:

The spectator/participant is immersed in a virtual scene projected in 3D using polarised video projectors. Fitted with 3D sensors and data gloves, this person can interact with the scene calculated in real time.

This room was created to meet the needs of the Virtual Development Scientific Interest Group, which aims to gather together all the research activities that use Virtual Reality to create environments that lead to 3D representations and the visual and sound-related aspects of same, in particular.