Research - ESIEE Paris participates in the GenoMed4all Project

Laurent Najman, teacher-researcher at ESIEE Paris participates in the research project GenoMed4all funded by programme Européen Horizon 2020.

The objective of the GenoMed4all project is to develop personalised medicine* in diseases related to blood disorders through the implementation of solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI). The challenge is to improve diagnostic capacity, evaluate treatment options and predict disease outcomes for optimal adaptation of treatment to the patient.

* Personalised medicine aims to guarantee each patient high-precision diagnoses and treatment adapted to his or her specific biological characteristics. A revolution made possible by the computer analysis of health data, coupled with the development of new targeted treatments.


For this project, ESIEE Paris is part of the team in charge of developing artificial intelligence in the context of "sickle cell anaemia", also known as " Hemoglobin S or SS disease ", which affects the ability of red blood cells to deform. It is an inherited genetic disease caused by a genetic change in haemoglobin. The affected haemoglobin tends to stiffen the red blood cells, causing them to become deformed into a sickle shape.

Laurent Najman is supervising the thesis of Yamna Ouchtar, PHD Student, financed by the Ile-de-France Region, in co-supervision with Pablo Bartolucci, a doctor specialising in sickle cell disease at the Mondor Hospital. GenoMed4All is coordinated by Dr Federico Álvarez from the Universidad Politecnica Madrid (Spain) and includes 23 partners.

With the collaboration of ERN-EuroBloodNet.