Research: An amazing collaboration between Rohde & Schwarz and ESIEE Paris!

A collaboration has been founded between Rohde & Schwarz and ESIEE Paris, specifically with the ESYCOM research laboratory (the Laboratory of Electronics, Communication Systems and Microsystems), to research into advancements in 5G.

This research focuses on high-frequency transceivers for high-speed communication, making it possible to respond to the growing needs of programs used today – needs which are only being added to by the Internet of Things, virtual reality, Industry 4.0, smart cities, and so on…

5G FR2 provides a solution to some of these issues, but poses its own problems in regards to design, characterisation and linearisation of the power amplifiers used by the 5G base stations in millimetre
wave bands.

This work is part of Lucas Letailleur’s thesis, supervised by Martine Villegas and Gaëlle Lissorgues, PhD thesis within a Joint Research Unit (Université Gustave Eiffel, CNRS, ESYCOM).

Expertise at ESIEE Paris

Over the course of multiple decades, our lecturer-researcher staff have gained experienced in the fields of modelling, characterising power devices, and transceiver architecture, which has allowed
them to expand into higher frequency bands (often called 5G mmWave or 5G FR2).

One of the critical issues is the modelling of non-linear effects on other technologies, for example GaN, in order to investigate useable linearisation techniques in the context of massive MIMO

All characterisation comes with a few requirements, and it’s with this in mind that the collaboration with the company Rohde & Schwarz, leader in instrumentation, was established.

Thanks to this collaboration, there is now a full array of equipment, including a modulated broadband signal generator and a signal and spectrum analyser which can characterise non-linear
waves of all sizes, for powers upwards of 10 W, frequencies up to 30GHz and bandwidths of 400 MHz.

The characterisation of broadband amplifiers has been a success thanks to this amazing collaboration!

JNM industrial conference 2022

Lucas Letailleur and Martine Villegas will be giving a talk during a JNM (National Microwaves Days) conference, which will take place from 7 to 10 June 2022 at Limoges:

  • The challenges of characterising power amplifiers for wireless application: the Rodhe & Schwarz solutions