Renault Group – sponsor of the next classes at ESIEE Paris

From left to right, Jean Baptiste Caulé, the supervisor of the Business relations hub – ESIEE Paris I Patrick Faye, manager of the team, vehicle system installations at Renault, ESIEE Paris graduate (class of 2005) I Aurélie Castelle, supervisor of school relations – Renault I Jean Mairesse, General Director – ESIEE Paris I David Goyet, Head of service ADAS/AD at Renault and ESIEE graduate (class of 1999)I Fabien Dangel, Director of development – ESIEE Paris.

The Renault Group will be the sponsors for the classes of 2020, 2021 and 2022 at ESIEE Paris.

David Goyet, Head of service ADAS/AD – RENAULT, sponsor of ESIEE school years and graduates (class of 1999), came to the school on Wednesday 4th September to meet 5th year students on their return to school. The sponsor was accompanied by Patrick Faye – team manager, Vehicle Installation Systems – RENAULT, ESIEE graduate (class of 2005) who shared his experience with the students.

Aurélie Castelle, head of school relations at RENAULT, signed the partner agreement with Jean Mairesse, General Director of ESIEE Paris.

In terms of sponsorship, RENAULT will organize conferences and visits on their premises. They will participate in different school events and in speed recruiting. Students will be able to discover jobs which enable them to benefit from apprenticeships and internships. These informal projects will also be available to students in 4th year.

This partnership reinforces the links we are privileged to have with the Renault Group, a longstanding partner of ESIEE Paris.