Bold, imaginative and ingenious – the future engineers of ESIEE Paris will be demonstrating their skills!

TUESDAY 25TH JUNE 2019 FROM 9:30 TO 16:00

The 14th edition of the event will bring greater imagination, ingenuity, boldness and innovation from the future engineers!

Approximately 300 students from ESIEE Paris will take part in the “Project Day” (Jour des Projets) to present their expertise to the general public through more than 80 projects. This event is free and open to the public.

For example, “Céréspace, the automated vegetable garden” created by a group of students from the ESIEESpace society. This vegetable garden, equipped with sensors and a camera, aims to assist the vegetables from the time of planting to the time of harvesting. This involves automating tasks, such as watering and identifying potential diseases.

This project was presented at the Vivatechnology exhibition 2019.

A host of other technological projects in the fields of health, embedded systems, biotechnology, safety and the environment will be on display on June 25th.

6 prizes will be presented throughout the day

The Innovation Prize by Texas Instruments, sponsor of the 2019 event; the “Best Technical Project” Prize by SOFTEAM Group; the “Health-Environment Handicap” Prize by AKKA; the “Promising Beginnings” Prize by ADNEOM and the “Public’s Favorite” Prize awarded by AA ESIEE and ESIEE Paris.

Since 2017, engineering students at ESIEE Paris have been able to discover and borrow electronic components as easily as a book in order to carry out their projects at the 4.0 TI Innovation Gateway library.

In 2019, the Special Mention Prize will be awarded to a project using TI electronic components.

Among the members of the jury are: Texas Instruments, AKKA, SOFTEAM, jollyclick, ADNEOM, AA ESIEE, Human Design Group, Sopra Steria, Watt & Well, Nexter Systems, Job in Live, Thierry Ramon Consultant, Incubateur Descartes, 1001 clef, CCI Paris Ile-de-France, teacher-researchers at ESIEE Paris…

Highlights of the day

9:30 – 16:00 | Exhibition of projects

10:30 | Conference: The challenges of AI in tomorrow’s world of work by Christopher des Fontaines, CEO and founder of jollyclick

16:15 | Prize giving

More information on: http://jdp.esiee.fr/