One specialized masters at ESIEE Paris

MS ESIEE Paris, devenez acteur de l'innovation
Mastères Specialisés at ESIEE Paris, allowing you to become a part of innovation


Courses to kick-start your career and broaden your prospects:

Technological innovation and project management (in French)


Objectives of the courses:

  • To expand your knowledge of: The internet, multimedia, telecommunications, networks and managements of complex innovative projects
  • To allow you to progress effectively thanks to innovative teaching methods (both individual and group-based)
  • To give you access to all the benefits of a ‘Grande Ecole’ renowned for its advanced equipment.
  • To give you the opportunity to study within an exceptional learning environment at PRES Université Paris Est

Mastères Specialisés (MS) are postgraduate courses provided by Grandes Ecoles (Prestigious universities specializing in engineering or business), and are accredited by the Association of Grandes Ecoles. This accreditation is a guarantee of quality  of the highest level, particularly sought-after by companies.


Terms of Admissions (in French)