Renewable energy and energy efficiency

The Energy Engineering Graduate Program prepares future engineers to tackle the challenges of industrialized countries energy transition with intensive training in renewable energy supply and efficient energy transportation and consumptions. The teaching program aims at delivering a strong knowledge in energy engineering as well as a solid background on the economic and legal environment of energy production and consumption activities.

Illustration energies

Compulsory courses:

Scientific and technical courses (180 hours)

  • Advanced thermodynamics for Energy Engineering
  • Electricity distribution and smart-grid
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Photovoltaic solar systems
  • Thermal solar systems and engineering
  • Wind power
  • Hydraulic power

Management (150 hours)

Modern language (80 hours)


  • Energy and buildings
  • Renewable energy production and distribution
  • Energy efficiency and sustainable cities

Examples of courses available (495 hours)

In the specialization:

  • Energy audit
  • Building regulations
  • Dynamic thermal simulation
  • District heating and heat grids
  • Energy optimization

Inter-specialization courses:

  • Power electronics for renewable energies
  • Cartography of Energy Resources
  • Energy law

In management

  • Team management and leadership
  • Entrepreneurship and business plans
  • Advanced finance

Careers - business sectors

  • Examples of careers: Project manager, engineering consultant, Design and development engineer
  • Examples of positions held by graduates: Renewable energy project manager, Energy efficiency design engineer
  • Business sectors : Energy suppliers (production and services): EDF, Areva, ErDF, Engie (formerly GdF-Suez), Veolia, etc. – Construction / Public works: thermal engineering department, installers - Consulting/engineering in renewables  and energy in general,
  • Examples of applications of the department's teaching: combined electricity/heat production, thermal solar power plants, Buildings and processes energy audit