Industrial engineering

The department allows you to gain the skills required for product development (design, optimisation and manufacturing), for optimizing manufacturing systems and managing supply chain. This broad education, both technical and entrepreneurial, enables students to adapt to changes in companies' requirements.


Compulsory courses

Scientific and technical courses (180 hours)

  • Industrial sciences in mechanics
  • Process of forming and sustainable development
  • Design technology (trade software: Catia, Moldflow, etc.)
  • Material management
  • Optimization and applications
  • Supply chain Management



Management (150 hours)

Modern language (80 hours)


  • Supply Chain Management:
    Inventory Management, Planning and Scheduling, Quality and maintenance, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), APS (Advanced Planning Systems)
  • Integrated product-process systems:
    Creativity-innovation of industrial products - Concept methodology - Product-Process integration and industrialisation methodology - Product-process optimisation - Validation and experience plan

Examples of courses available (495 hours)

In the specialization :

  • Design technology
  • Management of technical data
  • Information systems, etc.

Inter-specialization courses :

  • Energetics
  • Life cycle analysis - green design
  • Web and collaborative tools

In management

  • Team management and leadership
  • Entrepreneurship and business plans
  • Advanced finance

Careers - business sectors

  • Examples of careers: Research and development engineer, production engineer, studies engineer, etc.
  • Examples of posts held by graduates : study engineer, product manager, etc.
  • Business sectors: Motor vehicles, aeronautics, mechanical industries, electronics, energy, services, etc.
  • Examples of applications of the department's teaching : Study and development of new products using PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)/Improvement of the production process/Identification of the technical levers for cost reduction/Inspection of industrial management of aeronautics , automobile programmes, etc.