Data, networks and internet of things

In the context of the strong development of datasciences, Big Data and Internet of Things (with an expected growth of 40 % per year, about 50 billion of connected objects by 2020), the programme aims at training specialists of collect, analysis, processing and diffusion of information.

Datasciences, Big Data and Internet of Things

Compulsory courses

Scientific and technical courses (180 hours)

  • Data exploration
  • Networks
  • Security
  • Connected objects

Management (150 hours)

Modern languages (80 hours)



  • Data - data mining and advanced data analysis
  • Networks
  • Internet of things

Examples of available elective courses (495h)

In the specialization:

  • Voice on IP
  • Mutimedia coding and compression
  • Security
  • Introduction to Spark/PySpark for BigData
  • Deep Learning

Inter-specialization courses:

  • Data analysis and biostatistics
  • Web programming
  • Optimisation
  • Information systems

In management:

  • Team management and leadership
  • Entrepreneurship and business plans
  • Advanced finance

Carrers - business sectors

  • Examples of occupations: Architect Internet of Things, data-analyst, data-scientist, IT project manager, consultiant, analyst, etc
  • Business sectors: IT services, web, SSII,  telecom and networks companies, service sector (banks, insurances, marketing…), multimedia
  • Examples of applications: distribution, marketing, health/medical, security, finance, energy, smart cities, automation, connected objects, multimedia  transmission, geolocalisation, networks and mobile devices

Educational Hw & Sw Materials

  • Wireless network design and optimisation platform, Atoll - Forsk
  • Internet of Things Development Platform - Texas Instruments
  • Simulator for analyzing and designing communication networks - Modeler Riverbed
  • Data Sciences and Machine learning Tools, R, python
  • Cross-platform mobile application Prototyping, Kivy - Flask