• Non-European students:  > 4-year Bachelor’s degree.
  • European students (EU): License (L3), Master 1 (M1) or equivalent.
  • Each candidate must also provide evidence of a good mastery of English (see application documents)

Application documents

  1. Your CV
  2. Official academic transcript(s) for the entirety of your time in higher education
  3. A covering letter
  4. An academic or a professional reference letter
  5. A copy of your passport
  6. English minimum requirements:
    - a certificate of English as a medium of instruction in previous education
    - or a certificate of level of English with: TOEFL>513 (paper-based) >213 (Computer-based) >65 (Internet-based), or IELTS: >5,5 or TOEIC: >720
  7. The highest Diploma if already graduated or an official document mentioning that you will be graduating before July 2022

After verification of your application documents you will be requested to confirm your acceptance of admission by the payment of a non-refundable deposit.

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Admission calendar

Beginning of applications

November 8th 2022

Application deadline

June 12th 2023

Admission Decision

You will receive an email about the decision made by the academic board three weeks maximum after receipt of all application documents.

Deadline for deposit payment

If accepted, in order to secure your admission you will be required to pay a deposit of 40%. This sum will thus be deducted from your overall tuition fees.

Beginning of classes

Classes will begin the 1st September 2023.

Tuition fees

  • 8 300 euros for the first year of the master (E4)
  • 8 300 euros for the second year of the master (E5)

Please note these fees do not include food, accommodation or living expenses.