International programmes

Etudiants internationaux

The goal of ESIEE Paris international programmes is to offer top level masters taught entirely in English for international students coming from abroad.

These programmes will prepare students for a large spectrum of high-profile international careers in very diversified and exciting technological domains. Students will have the opportunity to experience Paris life, French culture and learn French during their studies.


" ESIEE Paris wants everyone be warmly welcome. Find out about services to prepare your arrival, your stay and life-after. "


Master in Artificial intelligence and Cybersecurity

Degree awarded: Master's degree - Diplôme d'ingénieur ESIEE Paris - Accredited by « Ministry of higher education and research » and «Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur»

Aim: The Master in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity  (AIC) is a two-year programme entirely taught in English. The objective of this programme is to train computer engineers with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

Admission requirements: Bachelor's degree or equivalent in related fields of study (Non-European students) or a Master 1 or equivalent (European students)


M.Sc. Connected Objects, Devices and Systems

The Master of Science for, Devices and Systems is a two-year program taught entirely in English. It is dedicated to applied electronics, communications and sensor design for environmental monitoring and smart cities. This unique master's degree is both application-driven and R&D oriented, so that the successful candidate can continue after his or her studies in a company or in a doctoral program.

Aim: the objective of this program is to train professionals in the field of the Internet of Things, at the level of electronic systems, communication and sensor aspects.

Admission requirements: Bachelor/Master of Science, Engineering or Technology

M.Sc. Management of Technology - Information Systems

Degrees awarded: Master of Science in Management of Technology-Information Systems. This programme has been accredited by the prestigious "Conférence des Grandes Ecoles", which is an association of the highest-level French Business and Engineering schools.

Aim: this programme is designed to equip its graduates with the necessary skills, expertise and vision to manage advances in technology in the form of ideas, goods and services. Students will develop the necessary technical skills along with expertise in strategic issues and project management in order to manage information systems in diverse contexts.

Admission requirements: a good Bachelor's degree or equivalent


M.Sc. Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering - F'SATI (South Africa)

Degrees awarded: Master of Science in Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering.

Aim: answering a world demand of Engineering profiles, capable of integrating the constraints of emerging countries and the concerns of sustainable development.

Admission requirements: Bachelor's degree or equivalent