Opening of the first European library 4.0 at ESIEE Paris

On Tuesday 23rd January 2018 Texas Instruments and ESIEE Paris opened the TI-Innovation Gateway, in the school. It is the first 4.0 library and was opened in the presence of Alexandre TITIN-SNAIDER, the Director of Texas Instruments Education Technology for Europe, Peter BALYTA, President of Education Technology and Vice president of Academic Engagement and Corporate Citizenship and Jean MAIRESSE the Executive Director of ESIEE Paris.

The objective is to help future engineers at ESIEE Paris to imagine and evaluate electronic systems that will allow them to create new innovative applications.
It is a unique opportunity to achieve their personal and educational aspirations.

“A place where the students can follow their passions and allow their ambitions to thrive” Jean Mairesse, Directeur Général ESIEE Paris.

The new space will allow easy communication between students, as well as be an area for group work and reinforcing education through teamwork at ESIEE Paris.

Thanks to TI-Innovation Gateway, 1700 engineering students will be able to:

  • Discover different types of electronic systems
  • Use technology provided by Texas Instruments
  • Make use of necessary material to accomplish their projects

“This unique and innovative library will modernise education” Peter Balyta, Président, Education Technology, Texas Instruments.

The possibilities and prospects for engineering students at ESIEE Paris will be even wider!


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