The year 2023 marks an important milestone in the development of ESIEE Paris. ESIPE, the Engineering School of Paris-Est, internal school of Gustave Eiffel University joins ESIEE Paris to form a single school.

Important project dates : creation of a single school on the 1st of January 2023 for a common academic start in September 2023


  • To provide a larger training offer in the engineering field, more generalist, to encourage digital transition
  • To cover all technical innovation fields
  • To get to the top 3 of schools that train engineers in apprenticeship
  • To develop partnerships and collaborations
  • To reinforce the ESIEE Paris brand to develop its reputation

A win-win project

“This grouping is a win-win project for the two schools as well as for the University. It allows to clarify Gustave Eiffel University’s training offer in the engineering field, gathered under a strong brand and drawing upon expertise of the engineering training by means of apprenticeship of ESIPE. It also offers to ESIPE the possibility of acquiring an independence more compatible with the CTI’s expectations.”
Luc Chevalier, ESIPE Director

“This unified school is a great opportunity for ESIEE Paris. We will be able to provide to our students and future students a larger training offer in the engineering field, more consistent and attractive. We can also reinforce our position among referenced schools that train engineering students in apprenticeship. By training 3000 engineering students, we will reach a critical size which will allow us to increase our visibility and our position in rankings.”
Jean Mairesse, Director general of ESIEE ParisVidéo Kombini l'ESIPE rejoint ESIEE Paris

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Identity card of the new unified school

3000 engineering students including 1200 in apprenticeship
240 teachers, teacher-researchers, administrative and technical staff

Training course
• 20 engineering programs including 10 in apprenticeship
• 1 multidisciplinary bachelor
• 3 University degrees (DU)
• 1 Master of Science (MSc)
• 1 Professional degree
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Field of training
• Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence
• Industry 4.0 : industrial engineering, mechanical and maintenance engineering
• Electronic, communicating and embedded systems
• Energy transition, civil and building engineering
• E-health
• Arts and Sciences (IMAC)