Multidisciplinary Bachelor Degree in Economy, Science and Mutimedia Technologies (BESTM)

Bachelor ESIEE Paris grade de licence

ESIEE Paris is proposing a course – Gustave Eiffel University is offering numerous higher education and professional integration options.


ESIEE Paris, in partnership with Gustave Eiffel University, proposes a 3 year long Bachelor degree accessible directly after completion of high school.

The BESTm Bachelor is an innovative multidisciplinary program with an official recognition as a Bachelor degree (Grade de licence) attribued by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and by the CTI.

Number of places : 60

Make a difference with a dual « digital and managerial » competence

A « dual competence », predominantly scientific Bachelor degree, that combines fundamental sciences, engineering sciences, economy, humanities and social sciences, languages and arts.

Progressive specialisation

  • First year dedicated to acquiring the fundamentals
  • Second year with 20% of the teaching to choose between 3 different learning paths
  • Third year with 50% of the teaching to choose between 3 different learning paths

The Programme 

The Bachelor course allows students to benefit from substantial general education, in particular in Maths, English and Methodology, and to participate in immersive research environments in laboratories. 

At the end of the 1st year, students refine their course choice by selecting one of the three following learning paths (for the two last years of the degree) :

  • Scientific Course 
  • Economy/Management Course 
  • Multimedia Course

The last year will allocate time for projects, individualised learning paths, and internships. 

Methodology, general culture, as well as teaching English are held as priorities throughout the program. Emphasis is also placed on teaching linked to innovation and entrepreneurship. 

The weekly amount of teaching is, on average, 20 hours of face-to-face teaching, including time dedicated to individual educational support and to personal and group projects. 

5 skills that will be acquired over the 3 years 

  • Analysing phenomenons by mobilising intersectional general culture 
  • Identifying tools and methods necessary to understand scientific issues
  • Management of interdisciplinary projects, both individually and collectively 
  • Communicating in a clear and relevant manner, both orally and written
  • Autonomous development of personal and professional projects 

Individualised support

To give meaning to the students’ academic trajectory a reflective analysis on the experience is crucial, and students must acquire a certain autonomy faced with the development, freedom of choice, researching of information and observation.
They will be guided to better understand themselves and to develop of their professional projects.


Professional Immersion : 5 month minimum internship 

Two mandatory internship periods :

  • a one month internship during the 2nd year
  • a four month (minimum) internship during the 3rd year (in France or abroad) 

International Stay

A period of study abroad is organised during the course of the program.

Research Immersion

Each year, students spend a period of one week on a « learning expedition » in one of our partner’s laboratories or in one of our Gustave Eiffel University Research Campuses in order to discover research experience in the field. 

▶ Numerous higher education and job choices

▶ The Bachelor degree offers a wide range of opportunities for higher education but also a direct immersion in the world of work.