Lionel Rousseau, researcher at ESIEE Paris and ERC laureate, ‘Starting Grants’

Lionel Rousseau, researcher at ESIEE Paris has received a ‘starting grant scholarship’ worth 1.49 million euros. To finance and develop his NEURODiam project over the next five years.
The European council of research is a ‘scientific blanc’ program dedicated to explorative research, of which the unique selection criteria is scientific excellence. This prestigious European Commission program has the ambition to work towards dynamic, creative and excellent European research.

For 10 years the ERC has financed projects of the highest quality submitted by individual researchers, regardless of their field. The ERC has announced the results of the category ‘starting grant.’

Of the 3085 applications received only the 406 best European researchers have been selected those who represent a budget of 605 million euros, which equates to more or less than 1. Million euros per project. The objective of the Starting Grant scholarships is to allow young scientists to establish their research team around an original theme and are delivered around 2 to 7 years after obtaining a thesis.

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