ESIEE Paris is offering you a series of conferences focusing on e-health, a sector which is ‘speeding up’.

Up to 19th December, experts will be speaking on the inherent benefits that technology has on health.

Maintaining and developing the quality of treatments: a crucial concern for health professionals.

The development of technological solutions requires us to consider the human dimension, regulation and ethics, as well as the purely scientific and technical dimensions. The security and utilisation of these technologies must be safeguarded by the vital evaluation phase.


Conference on ‘Artificial Intelligence in legal medicine’ I 28/11/2019 I 2-3:30pm

The generalization of digital technology in the majority of fields in life nowadays makes the use of all sorts of algorithms more and more possible. Artificial Intelligence is making its inevitable entrance into the domain of legal medicine, and we are offering you a chance to take part in a practical, scientific and multi-professional, multi-disciplinary experience, of our work on this theme.

Speaker: Doctor Thomas Lebfevre, Hospotal Practician and Teacher-Researcher
ESIEE Paris, Amphi 210

Conference on ‘How can the regulation/quality of activity become strategic in the commercial development of a medical apparatus company?’ I 12/12/2019 I 2-3:30pm

This conference will show how the medical sector of information technologies can take advantage of regulatory affairs and quality to accelerate their development, optimise the features of products and create an added value for the company, health professionals and patients.

Speaker: Arnaud Berthier, Director of regulatory Affairs and of quality, Dental Monitoring.
ESIEE Paris, Amphi 110

Conference on ‘Clinical trials in developing countries’ I 19/12/2019 I 2-3:30 pm

We will be speaking about clinical development in the singular and yet there are no two clinical developments that resemble each other. We are very far from subjects where a checklist or a procedure will provide the solution. Often, we are faced with technical questions for which the knowledge and expertise of a team can provide an answer. But more often, the subjects are complex and require, beyond expertise, the mobilization of collective intelligence, the understanding of patient and partner journeys. Processed through concrete examples, Valérie Faillat is offering you a little community voyage at the heart of health.

Speaker: Valérie Faillat-Proux, General delegate of the foundation, Sanofi Espoir
ESIEE Paris Amphi 110


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