Launch of the ESIEE Connect consortium!


Some of our partner companies signed the ESIEE Connect consortium last November on the ESIEE Paris premises : Adetel Group (and their affiliates), AGORANOV, Alten, Aqualabo, Ausy, BodyCap, Centre National de Référence RFID, Fluidion, Greenfish, IT Link, Metron, Neurallys, Phonoptics, Renault, Sable Chaud, Si-Ware Systems, Viveris.

In the frame of the second Investissements d’Avenir (PIA 2), (Future Investments), ESIEE Paris is developing a reference training hub in the domain of connected objects: ‘ESIEE Connect’. This program is a ‘training’ response to the evolution of intelligent and connected systems, of innovative sensors, of the IoT, of intelligent objects and of embedded systems.


ESIEE Connect is available in four different training approaches:

  • Initial Professional training
  • Continued training certificate
  • Training in the form of projects for developing research
  • Training via coaching to accompany creators of enterprise

ESIEE Paris is working on its training expertise, on the notoriety of its research teams and on that established in micro and nanotechnologies. In order to improve the quality of its services, our school has invested in new white rooms, doubling their size from 300m2 to 600m2. The ESIEE Connect consortium regroups academic partners, enterprises and startup services.

Contact : Julie Girault,