L’Etudiant 2020: ESIEE Paris, 1st upstanding higher education engineering school based in Ile-de-France in Group A


‘L’Etudiant’ unveils their 2020 rankings of engineering schools.


This ranking list is based on 4 precise groups of criteria: academic excellence, international links, company links and also opening up to new audiences.

ESIEE Paris takes 2nd place out of 167 ranking engineering schools. It gains 7 places in the general ranking and rises among the schools of Group A.




ESIEE Paris, 5th higher education institution

Excerpt of high education institution rankings – L’Etudiant 2020

Out of 77 ranking high education institutions, ESIEE Paris take 5th place and retains joint-first place of the best higher education institution in Ile-de-France.

ESIEE Paris, 1re école post-bac d'Ile-de-France - L'Etudiant

ESIEE Paris offers a 5-year course (after the final year of school specialising in science or a STI2D Baccalaureate) or a 3-year course after 2 years in university studying science.

Company links

ESIEE Paris takes joint-2nd place in the ranking of higher education institutions based on the criteria of company links. Through its collaboration with professionals, ESIEE Paris reinforces its high level of technological expertise.

Additionally, 98% of graduates find a job in less than 6 months.



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