Interview – Sreyash future engineer and artist

Sreyash, étudiant en 5e année, filière internationale "Electronics"

5th year student at ESIEE Paris, Sreyash, is passionate about microelectronics but also literature, painting and music : His atypical background has stood out to us and he agreed to answer our questions:

What year are you and what subject have you chosen ?
I am currently in 5th year about to finish my studies here at ESIEE Paris. I have undertaken the international route of Electronics and I hope to find a career within Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (MEMS);

What has been your career path up until now?
I finished my bachelors degree in Electric and electronic engineering at the Vivesvaraya University of Technology in India. Outside of my university studies, I obtained 2 music diplomas
-Classical Hindustani music (classical music from the north of India) in the style of Kirana & Gwalior
- Rabindrasangeet (Songs composed by the Nobel pize winning Rabindranath Tagore)

Why did you choose ESIEE Paris ?
ESIEE Paris proposes specifically adapted to what I was researching relating to the working world. I was also accepted at a University in London and the United States, but what city of more cultured than Paris! And I have fallen in love with the place!

Are your passions for music, painting and literature compatible with your engineering studies?
It is all compatible to me because I have been brought up in a creative environment. My father is a professor of applied physics and my mother teaches political sciences. Since I was young, I have seen this harmonious co-existence between science and the arts I think that they have been unjustly isolated. When I look at Einstein’s relative theory- how it was thought out, how something so abstract was imagined- it is an artistic process! There is always a link between science and art.

Do you passions help you in the pursuit of your studies ?
The passions that you speak of are like ‘little holidays’ for me that allow me to breath in the midst of my daily life. Engaging in these activities gives me energy.

Can you tell me about your Intership at the end of your studies ?
I have gained an internship at the ESYCOM laboratory with Dr. Tarik Bourouina, MEMS technology specialist and Dr. Elyes Nefzaoui, radiative thermal transfer specialist. We are currently working on a ‘Silicon Thermal Emitters’ project which has recently sparked interest because little research has been dedicated to this area.

What are your future projects ?
After obtaining my engineering degree, I hope to pursue doctoral studies in microelectronics. Outside of this, I have many other projects; I am currently working on a new album titled ‘Simple Songs’ for Apple Music, which will contain 12 western compositions. I have also worked closely in collaboration with Jean Philippe Rykiel, an internationally celebrated musician, to compose Tagore-styled songs.I hope to have an exhibition a the end of July at the Orangerie, the Luxembourg museum; and present an evening on ‘Abstract Expressionism from Post-War’. I am currently writing an article for Granta Magazine as well as poems titled ‘Letter to Sun’. They will be published next Septemberand will be dedicated to Syrian children.

All passions can thrive at ESIEE!

We wish Sreyash huge success in all his future projects!