HFLAN, the unmissable event for gamers

HFLAN, a videogame event, returns for the 17th edition on November 24th and 25th.

Organized by the students of ESIEE Paris, in the school’s premises, the HFLAN showcases various games including Fortnite and Starcraft ll.

The HFLAN is not only for campus students but is open to all players!

HFLAN, what is it?

It is a group of computer and video game enthusiasts, who meet regularly to compete on multiplayer video games. Gradually, the event opened up to other players.

The ESIEE HFLAN is the largest network game in Paris. All of the “Fortnite” spaces were sold in 10 minutes, which represents only 150 players for this game.

The ESIEE Paris students organize this event twice a year


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