HFLAN Melee, a video game event, returns for the 2020 edition

Organised by ESIEE Paris students, in the grounds of the school, HFLAN showcases different games including, for this edition, ‘Super Smash Bros Melee’, a game on gamecube which is played on cathodic TVs. Next edition: 28th-29th March 2020.

HFLAN is open not only to students on campus, but to all players!

What is HFLAN?

It is basically a group of people who are passionate about computer science and videogames, who regularly get together to compete against each other in multiplayer videogames. Bit by bit, the event was opened up to other players.

HFLAN ESIEE is the biggest game on the scale of Paris.

The ESIEE students organise this event twice a year.

Small extract of a programme about HFLAN:



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