Gustave Eiffel University enters into the Shanghai ranking

ESIEE Paris is a founding member of Gustave Eiffel University created on 1st January 2020. From its creation, the university made its entrance into the renowned 2020 Shanghai ranking.  A fine recognition for our young establishment which is now one of the top 1,000 universities in the world and one of the top 30 French establishments.

This entry demonstrates the success of the projects to bring together schools and universities, driven by the Future Investment Program (PIA).

France is ranked 3rd worldwide in the top 20 of the 2020 ranking lists, behind the United States and the United Kingdom. Thus, there are three universities in the top 50, one of which is in the top 20. Our country has a total of 30 institutions in the top 1000.

The Academic Ranking of World Universities, known as the “Shanghai Ranking”, has been published on the 15thAugust every year since 2003 by Shanghai’s Jiao Tong university which lists the top 1000 higher education institutes in the world.

Among the criteria taken into account during this ranking: the number of graduates and researchers cited or having published in scientific magazines such as “Nature” and “Science” during the last 5 years.


About Gustave Eiffel University

From the 1st January, this new establishment has brought together a university (UPEM), a research institute (IFSTTAR), a school of architecture (Éav&t) and three engineering schools (EIVP, ENSG and ESIEE Paris). The university is chaired by Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal, Interim President.

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