A group of students collaborates with OpenDataFrance on data production

As part of a university-industry collaborative project, a team of six 4th-year ESIEE Paris students are helping to develop the tool DataClic, an automated production platform developed by OpenDataFrance.

Over the course of three months, the students designed and produced extraction modules aimed at local authorities which make it easier to access data from national bodies (ministries, the government). There is a particular focus on environmental data.

Thanks to these new modules, around twenty databases have been connected via APIs, excavators and data harvesters. The data is presented in the form of folders and data visualisation widgets, divided by region (administrative district or intermunicipal).

Well done to David Agou, Baptiste Bontoux, Clément Boudou, Hoang-Duc Duong, Léon Michalski and Jérémy Ros for their work, sponspored by OpenDataFrance, in collaboration with Adrien PAVIE (geomatic and software development entrepreneur) and under the supervision of Adrien Ugon (lecturer and researcher at ESIEE Paris).

The company OpenDataFrance

OpenDataFrance is an association acting on behalf of local governments (town councils, administrative departments and regions). It is nationally recognised as an organisation promoting cooperation and engineering. OpenDataFrance plays an essential role in open data in France.