M.Sc. Connected Objects, Devices and Systems

Ville connectée

Accreditation by "Conférence des Grandes Ecoles" CGE

The Master of Science "Connected Objects, Devices and Systems" is a two-year program taught entirely in English at 15' from Paris center. It is dedicated to applied electronics, communications and sensor design for environmental monitoring and smart cities. This unique master's degree is both application-driven and R&D oriented, so that the successful candidate can continue after his or her studies in a company or in a doctoral program.

The lectures are given by professors and researchers from ESIEE Paris, UPEM and IFSTTAR, 3 institutions gathered in the newly created University of Gustave Eiffel (UGE) on the Université Paris-Est campus, as from key industry players.

During the first semester, this program focuses on fundamental courses on electronics, micro/nanotechnologies and wireless communications. Then graduates will broaden their knowledge to advanced techniques for micro/nano-sensor design & fabrication, data transmission and smart cities applications.

The program also includes general management and innovation issues, as well as French culture and language.

One day per week, the students have to work on a R&D project with a professor. At the end of each year, students are required to conduct a development or research internship with either a company or a research laboratory. This can be carried out either in France or abroad.

Carreer opportunities

After the completion of this Master, students may begin a career in a company or undertake a PhD in domains that may concern, but are not restricted to:

  • Micro/Nano sensors for health, environment, automation or industry
  • Communicating sensors networks, antenna design and wireless communication
  • Urban and civil engineering monitoring for sustainable cities
  • Intelligent transport systems and automotive technologies