The first year ESIEE projects

At ESIEE Paris, the students work in “project mode” in their first year. Therefore, for three whole weeks students attend workshops lead by their professors to help them with their projects.

The principle? To get the students to get a taste of real projects and build their experience. This is at the heart of the schools philosophy.

The 200 first year students were split into groups of 4 to grow thir projects from ideas to physical and technical work such as: energy conversions, the creation of diverse systems combined with electronics and IT like for example an electronic compass, an automotive network, an auto-pilot robot…….

“This project based learning process differentiates us from traditional classes. This approach allows the students to put to use their scientific knowledge and to gain new skills in the process.” Elia Habib, first year education coordinator ESIEE Paris.

“Learning in new ways”

The project based learning process allows the student to apply themselves effectively and is often linked to a higher motivation to learn. It increases  the development of:

  • A better understanding of information
  • Development of research, analysis and problem solving capacities
  • Improves social interaction

Project based learning is a model that will provide students with experiences that will benefit them for the duration of their professional lives.

Contact: Elia Habib,