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  • 11.05.2018 Awards

    Start-up partner of ESIEE Paris, Neurallys, stands out at the 3rd Start-Up summit.

    Neurallys, start-up partenaire de ESIEE Paris

    Lionel Rousseau, a co-founder of the Neurallys and researcher at ESIEE Paris has stood out during the 3rd Start-up in Paris. Co-hosted by Challenges et Sciences and Avenir, this event was held at the Palais Brongniart April 11th. Neurallys among the 5 finalists ! Challenge received around 100 applicants and from that, 5 were chosen. Neurallys was placed in the ‘Biotech and Health’ Category. Initiated by a research project carried out at ESIEE Paris in collaboration with Pitié-Salpêtrière, ...

  • 11.05.2018 News

    Interview – Sreyash future engineer and artist

    Interview - Sreyash, futur ingénieur mais aussi artiste

    5th year student at ESIEE Paris, Sreyash, is passionate about microelectronics but also literature, painting and music : His atypical background has stood out to us and he agreed to answer our questions: What year are you and what subject have you chosen ? I am currently in 5th year about to finish my studies here at ESIEE Paris. I have undertaken the international route of Electronics and I hope to find a career within Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (MEMS); What has been your career path up un ...

  • 13.04.2018 News

    MISTIC, the new start-up in ESIEE Paris cleanrooms

    Parteneriat start-up MISTIC avec les salles blanches ESIEE Paris

    MISTIC and ESIEE Paris are pleased to announce the launch of a long-term partnership with the installation of MISTIC Research & Development and pilot production lines in the new cleanrooms at ESIEE Paris. The company benefits from up-to-date infrastructures and the recognized how-know of ESIEE Paris. Furthermore, MISTIC deploys specific equipment on ESIEE Paris platform, with its own full-time team. MISTIC MISTIC S.A.S. is a start-up founded in 2016, currently incubated in Agoranov, which trans ...

  • 30.03.2018 Events

    An innovating and creative week at Descartes Campus !


    A pedagogical approach bringing together engineers, architects and designers. ‘Design workshop’ week – 26th to 30th March 2018. ESIEE Paris students have participated in ‘design workshops’ organized by école des ponts and the school of architecture from the town and area of Marne-la-Vallée. The workshop takes an innovating pedagogical approach by bringing together future engineers, architects and designers. The students have envisioned, created and tested the technical per ...

  • 21.03.2018 News

    ESIEE Paris has earned an ERASMUS+ mobility project French / South African


    ESIEE Paris has earnt an ERASMUS+ mobility project - Tswhane University of Technology (TUT) – South Africa. "SOUTH-AFRICAN - FRANCE STUDENT MOBILITY PROGRAMME FOR SMART CITIES AND ICT DEVELOPMENT’’ This partnership reinforces the collaboration between TUT and ESIEE on the subject of technology for the city of tomorrow, through the financing of mobility students (Bachelor, Masters and PhD). 8 4th Year Students will go to South Africa from May to July. We will then receive the fir ...

  • 19.03.2018

    ESIEE Paris becomes one of the three finalists for the MEMS contest


    The ESIEE Paris team comprising of international students in association with Sorbonne University has gained a place in the final of the international MEMS Contest. The companies Candence, X-FAB and Coventor in collaboration with the University of Reutlingen have joined forces to organize a global competition for integrated co-designed MEMS devices and their electronic condition. Aim – To create the best co-integrated systems comprising of an MEMS component and mixed electronics. The criteria for ...

  • 29.01.2018 News

    ESIEE Paris participated in the national day of “Cordées de la réussite“

    Journée des cordées de la réussite

    On Friday 26th January 2018 the school once again participated in the “Cordées de la réussite”, in collaboration with partners from cité Descartes: l’ École des Ponts ParisTech , the COMUE Université Paris-Est , l 'ENSG-Géomatique , l' UPEM (IMAC-MLV, CFA Ingénieurs 2000 et ESIPE-MLV), and l 'ÉAV&T (École d'architecture de la ville & des territoires à Marne-la-Vallée). The objective of the “Cordées de la réussite” is to promote access t ...

  • 23.01.2018 Events

    Opening of the first European library 4.0 at ESIEE Paris

    TI-Innovation Gateway, bibliothèque 4.0

    On Tuesday 23rd January 2018 Texas Instruments and ESIEE Paris opened the TI-Innovation Gateway, in the school. It is the first 4.0 library and was opened in the presence of Alexandre TITIN-SNAIDER, the Director of Texas Instruments Education Technology for Europe, Peter BALYTA, President of Education Technology and Vice president of Academic Engagement and Corporate Citizenship and Jean MAIRESSE the Executive Director of ESIEE Paris. The objective is to help future engineers at ESIEE Paris to imagine and ...

  • 25.11.2017

    ESIEE Paris, Second place in the international ICAN competition 2017


    The team of three ESIEE Paris students have won the second place prize in the international ICAN competition 2017 which took place on the 25 th and 26 th of November in Beijing. Loan Boudin, Maxime Lapetit and Bryan Pereira, fourth year students at ESIEE Paris represented France with their project "system to improve electronic apparatus through radio ambient waves". The students were accompanied by their lecturers: Philippe Basset, Elyes Nefzaoui and Tarik Bourouina. Loan, Maxime and Bryan g ...

  • 24.11.2017 Events

    Graduation ceremony 2017


    ESIEE Paris is organizing its next graduation ceremony on the 24th November and will give out diplomas to over 330 students from the engineering department. This event is aimed to reunite graduates with their families, teaching faculty, alumni as well as professionals. AKKA Technologies, sponsor 2017 Our partner, AKKA Technologies, is the sponsor 2017. For 2 years events, have been organized by both the company and students to help students discover career possibilities and to give them advice on how to ...