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  • 11.01.2019 News

    Successful launch of F’SATI’s ZaCube2 satellite

    Lancement satellite ZaCube2 - F'SATI 2019

    On the 27th December, a satellite named ZACube2, developed by teams from the F’SATI (French-South African institute of technology) of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), was successfully launched. A great moment for F’SATI, a branch of ESIEE Paris (CCI Paris Ile-de-France) in south Africa. ZACube2 is the second satellite developed by F’SATI. Communication between ZACube2 and the ground has been successfully established. This is the second generation of nano-satellites. ...

  • 10.01.2019 Students

    Students from ESIEE Paris at CES 2019 in Las Vegas

    ESIEE Paris CES 2019

    Three ESIEE Paris students, Océane Dhanaraj, Mathieu Le Mauff et Antoine Letalnet have been invited by SI-WARE SYSTEMS to present their project No’zz to the CES in Las Vegas. No’zz, a smart alarm clock, was created in 2017 as part of the 3rd year projects. Equipped with sensors, No’zzz automatically wakes you up at the right time depending on your sleep, traffic, and the time you have to arrive at work. As soon as you wake up, it displays the weather, the main news and information about ...

  • 19.12.2018 News

    ESIEE Paris and IBM France create a new teaching chair

    Signature Chaire avec IBM France - Intelligence Artificielle

    ESIEE Paris signed a new company chair with IBM France entitled “AI and prescriptive analytics” on November 9th in the presence of Nicolas SEKKAKI, the President of IBM France. IBM France’s first interventions have just begun with Grade 5 engineering students of artificial intelligence (technologies and applications, concrete use cases) and prescriptive analysis. Students and teacher-researchers at the school will also have free access to : The IBMQ quantum platform IBM’s specia ...

  • 17.12.2018


    Journée portes ouvertes 2 février 2019

    Choosing the right school is also about meeting it! ESIEE Paris invited you to the next Open Day (JPO) which will take place on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 from 9:30am to 5:30pm at the Noisy-le-Grand and Cergy sites. It is also the Open Day for all the schools on the Descartes City Campus in Marne-la-Vallée. Take advantage of this privileged moment to discover our teaching offers and exchange words with our students and teachers. Programme Guided tours of the building and laboratories (computers, ...

  • 07.12.2018 Events


    Cérémonie des diplômes ESIEE Paris 2018

    ESIEE Paris is organizing its next graduation ceremony on 7th December 2018 and will graduate more than 330 from its engineering courses. This event is an opportunity to bring together graduates with their families, faculty, alumni and professionals. Yann LeCun, Scientific Director of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence and professor at New York University, graduated from ESIEE Paris (class of 1983), is the sponsor of the 2018 class. Record of the sponsors of ESIEE Paris

  • 24.11.2018 Events

    HFLAN, the unmissable event for gamers

    HFLan, le rendez-vous des gamers

    HFLAN, a videogame event, returns for the 17th edition on November 24th and 25th. Organized by the students of ESIEE Paris, in the school’s premises, the HFLAN showcases various games including Fortnite and Starcraft ll. The HFLAN is not only for campus students but is open to all players! HFLAN, what is it? It is a group of computer and video game enthusiasts, who meet regularly to compete on multiplayer video games. Gradually, the event opened up to other players. The ESIEE HFLAN is the larges ...

  • 15.11.2018 Events

    15th November 2018 : Descartes Forum at ESIEE Paris

    Recruitment forum 2018

    ESIEE Paris and its partners from Cité Descartes are organizing a recruitment forum on Thursday 15th November 2018 from 10am to 5pm. The Descartes Forum is a privileged place for exchanges and meetings between companies and students from the eastern Ile-de-France region. More than 70 companies come to meet students and young graduates. With its 50,000 students from universities, grand écoles and engineering schools and CFAs, the Descartes Forum covers many fields of activity: tourism, management, rea ...

  • 02.10.2018

    Open Day – Saturday, 15th December 2018 from 1pm to 6pm

    Jounées portes ouvertes ESIEE Paris 2018-2019

    Choosing the right school is about meeting it! Choosing the right school is also about meeting it! ESIEE Paris invites you to the next Open Day (JPO) which will take place on Saturday 15th December from 1pm to 6pm. Take advantage of this privileged moment to discover our schooling offers and talk with our students and teachers. Programme Guided tours of the building and laboratories (computers, virtual reality room, embedded systems, electronic systems, library 4.0…) with the students Technic ...

  • 14.09.2018 News

    Back to 2018 : Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence in the spotlight

    Cybersécurité des Systèmes d'information

    In this new school year of 2018, ESIEE Paris welcomes more than 750 new engineering students: 320 students enter the first post-baccalaureate year 140 students in the 1st year of the full-time engineering cycle 270 students in apprenticeships and 28 in international courses ESIEE Paris is therefore clearly continuing to increase its workforce with nearly 1,900 students in engineering training. ESIEE Paris is transforming two of its courses Cybersecurity of Information Systems Hacking, ransomware, ...

  • 06.07.2018

    2 teams from ESIEE come 3rd in the international competition ICAN 2018 in Hong Kong !

    Compétition internationale ICAN 2018

    Two projects representing ESIEE Paris participated in the ICAN 2018 competition in Hong Kong from the 23rd to the 27th June 2018. Two projects representing ESIEE Paris participated in the competition ICAN 2018 (International Contest of Applications in Nano-Micro Technologies). Both teams won 3rd place with a prize of 500 dollars and have gained a place at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Project group « No'zz - Intelligent alarm clock » had already won the “Prix de l’Innovation” d ...