ESIEE Paris wins the 2018 global MEMS competition !

Congratualations to the team which won first prize at the International MEMS competition :

  • Paola Carulli, Somiran Karmakar, who are studying the International Electronics Course at ESIEE Paris
  • Amin Ben Hassena et Hatem Samaali, post-doctoral students at ESIEE Paris
  • Abdelkrim Bessaad, who is studying at Sorbonne Université.

This team was jointly lead by lecturer at ESIEE Paris, Philippe Bassett and lecturer at Université de Sorbonne, Dimitri Galayko.

They have been awarded for their project ‘Energy vibration sensor of electrostatic transduction’ designed in a commercial procedure, which is either for a MEMS component or the integrated circuit conditioning.
Many criteria were important to the jury : technical innovation, excellence, originality, integrated design flow, organizational strength, the quality of the provided documentation and the educative value of the project.  They were awarded with a cheque of $5000, an annual membership for CoventorMP and the device will be created by XFab.

Global MEMS Design Contest 2018

The companies Cadence, XFab and Coventor, in partnership with l'Université de Reutlingen, are working together to organize a global competition for integrated co-design of MEMS devices * and their conditioning electronics.




Electromechanical Microsystems (MEMS) are miniaturized devices with moving / vibrating elements that are used to make sensors and actuators. Originally derived from the microelectronics industry, MEMS are now present in a wide range of consumer products.