Well done to Kathyna, Yasmine, Davina, and Gabin who won first prize in the “iCan 2020” International Competition for their project to screen young children for autistic disorders.

This competition took place in Qingdao, China from the 27th to the 30th October 2020. Due to the health crisis, Chinese teams were on site, but foreign teams participated remotely, as did judge members. This competition brings together more than 600,000 participants from 30 different countries and represents around 1,000 universities and institutes.

The work of our students was started as part of a 4th year project, issued and supervised by Nadia Madaoui, teacher-researcher at ESIEE Paris, and focuses on helping the early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders through the recording of children’s voices (cries, crying, babbling ...) even before language appears. This would allow early treatment of children with these disorders.

This “ASDLearn” project won the “Health, Environment, Handicap” prize during the last edition of the Projects Day organized by ESIEE Paris.

It also contributes:

  • to the “HandiTech Trophy” finalists in the “students” category
  • to the grand prize for innovation for children's health

The results will be announced in November.

Learn more about the iCAN competition

iCAN is a global competition for students interested in cutting edge engineering applications to improve our society (health and environmental monitoring, efficient energy recovery, autonomous systems, software control, etc.). Key disciplines involve micro-engineering, nanotechnology, robotics, biomedical engineering, etc.).

The spirit of iCAN is that students design, assemble and demonstrate a functioning system using commercial electronic, optical and mechatronic components, supplied by a university laboratory, often sponsored by companies.

iCAN is the first large-scale high-tech innovation competition launched by academics and industry scientists in the fields of micro / nano technologies.

Congratulations to this extremely invested team who knew how to take ownership of the subject!