ESIEE Paris student, Camille Fahy, becomes a professional cyclist

Camille Fahy, a second year undergraduate student at ESIEE Paris, started competitive cycling aged 11.

A remarkable performance

Camille has competed in several National Cup Tournaments as well as a European Championship, and has multiple Regional Championship wins.

She has been considered an elite athlete for five years and on 1st January she will obtain professional cyclist status. This year, she also joined the Saint Michel Auber 93 team, meaning that she will now be able to compete in the biggest international races.

Combining engineering studies with a sporting career

Camille started her studies at ESIEE Paris last year, after achieving her baccalauréat. To allow her to pursue both her sporting career and her studies, she benefits from academic accommodations, as is the case for all high-level athletes that join the school.

From October to January I don’t have many competitions, which allows me to plan training sessions outside of class hours wherever possible, so that I am able to attend. During training periods or competitions, I catch up on my studies virtually. For assessments, I can either be present, or I can contact the Sports Service and the administrative office to find another time to take the assessments

What’s next?

Camille's goal is to enter the biotechnology and e-health industry, after completing her degree and working as an engineer in the sports industry.
In terms of sports goals, she wants to participate in the biggest international competitions: the Tour de France, the World Championships… Camille did not finish here!