ESIEE Paris, Second place in the international ICAN competition 2017

The team of three ESIEE Paris students have won the second place prize in the international ICAN competition 2017 which took place on the 25th and 26th of November in Beijing.

Loan Boudin, Maxime Lapetit and Bryan Pereira, fourth year students at ESIEE Paris represented France with their project "system to improve electronic apparatus through radio ambient waves".

The students were accompanied by their lecturers: Philippe Basset, Elyes Nefzaoui and Tarik Bourouina.

Loan, Maxime and Bryan got a special mention during the Day of Projects organized by ESIEE Paris last June, which marked the beginning of their adventure.

Next stop is Las Vegas 2018 !

Due to receiving the second prize in the competition Loann, Maxime and Bryan will be presenting their work at the CES of Las Vegas in January 2018! It’s the second consecutive year that ESIEE has won the Second ICAN Prize and will be representing ESIEE at the CES of Las Vegas.

The 10th anniversary of the ICAN competition

Founded in China in 2007 ICAN (International Contest of Applications in Nano-Micro Technologies) became an international event in 2010. Each year it attracts more than 10,000 students from 20 counties across the world, the USA, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, New Zealand, China, Canada….

This competition is open for students who are interested in new technologies. The projects presented must be innovative, and aim for an improved quality of life.

This is the first large-scale high-tech competition, initiated by scientists, academics and industry alike.