ESIEE Paris ranking 11th best engineering school 2021. HappyAtSchool®

In a complicated context, particularly trying for students, ESIEE Paris is ranked 11th best engineering school where it is great to study from more than 100 engineering schools according to the HappyAtSchool 2021 ranking.

This ranking is based solely on the certified opinions of students. ChooseMyCompany surveyed 14,121 graduating students on 6 topics:

  • Facilities
  • Pedagogy
  • Student life
  • Confidence in the future
  • Corporate relations
  • Distance learning

In 2021, only 70 institutions have been accredited HappyIndex®Schools: those that have taken good care of their students despite the pandemic.

Engineering school students are generally more satisfied than others and more confident about their future career:

  • 85% would recommend their school for study, 5 points more than the average student
  • 79% still consider that their professional integration will take place without too many difficulties.
  • 43% of students believe that they learn as much at a distance as if they were in a classroom.
  • 76% of engineering school students say they are satisfied with their school, i.e. 3 points more than the average. These same students are the ones that said that they are stimulated
  • These same students are also more likely to say they are intellectually stimulated (5 points more) and to think they will find a job easily (8 points more).

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