ESIEE Paris helps healthcare professionals in the Management of the health crisis

ESIEE Paris is committed to health professionals to help them manage the health crisis linked to COVID-19. About thirty students and volunteer collaborators will participate in the training of general practitioners in the use of the TERR-eSANTE platform.

The TERR-eSANTE platform

TERR-eSANTE is an information system allowing the joint monitoring of patients between health professionals via facilitated communication. This information system is part of a strategy deployed by the Regional Health Agency aimed at improving patient care in a territory.

Support for professionals will be doubled by logistical / administrative participation at the COVISAN Paris 13-14-15 centre, which is a screening and support centre for patients in the 13th, 14th and 15th arrondissements of Paris.

Speed ​​up training

Speeding up the training of city doctors in the TERR-eSANTE platform will improve the performance of care for patients with COVID-19, but also other pathologies. This dynamic is part of a modernization of the healthcare offer, through the use of digital tools, in which ESIEE Paris trains its students in the biotechnologies and e-health sector.

Participating in the support of health professionals in getting started with TERR-eSANTE or participating in logistical assistance at the COVISAN centre represents a unique professional opportunity for the students of ESIEE Paris. Even without a particular appetite for the world of Health, this is a way to meet many professionals and be able to discover new fields of interest.

This action, which will start in December, is coordinated by Adrien Ugon, co-head of the Biotechnologies and e-Health sector at ESIEE Paris and Pierre Quentin, alumnus, Head of COVID Centre COVISAN Paris 13-14-15 (centre of screening and support for COVID + people)

The COVISAN device

This system was put in place during the first deconfinement with a view to a more comprehensive prevention approach to actively fight against the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The COVISAN pilot programs in Ile-de-France are part of a partnership initiative, encouraged and supported by the public authorities (deconfinement mission, regional prefecture, regional health agency).

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