ESIEE Paris gets given SecNumedu certification by ANSSI

ESIEE Paris has been given the SecNumedu certification by the French National Agency of the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI) for its Cybersecurity degree and this certification has been renewed for its Network and Security apprenticeship, already awarded in 2018.

Valid for three years and renewable, this certification is intended to provide an additional guarantee of the quality of education at ESIEE Paris in the digital security field.

Our Cybersecurity courses are among only a very small number of engineering courses given this certification by ANSSI.

The SecNumedu certification, a quality guarantee for ESIEE Paris courses

At a time when cyber-attacks are multiplying, companies are hiring qualified professionals who know how to anticipate and analyse the risks. ESIEE Paris’ goal is to train capable engineers, mastering every aspect of cybersecurity: from hardware to software, by way of data protection.

With this certification, ESIEE Paris is assuring engineering students that its specialised courses in digital security meet the brief, in particular in terms of the quality, expertise and level.

What is ANSSI?

ANSSI is the French national authority for the security and defence of information systems. A leader in cybersecurity, it lends its expertise and technical help to administrations and companies with a larger mission to benefit organisations that the state has deemed vitally important. It monitors, detects, alerts and reacts to cyber-attacks.