ESIEE Paris at the Consumer Electronics Show - CES Las Vegas

ESIEE Paris attended the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES), the high technology and electronic products references grand public salon from 5th January to 8th January (Smartphones, TV, drones, self-driving cars, virtual reality, connected objects, etc.). Each year it brings together creators and constructers of new technologies, industrial users of these technologies, investors and journalists to discover the latest innovations.

ESIEE Paris had the opportunity to present the project "The rolling water probe: a surfing multi-parameter sensor", winner of the international contest « International Contest of Applications on Nano and micro technologies » (ICAN) in 2016.

The project "The rolling water probe: a surfing multi-parameter sensor"

The project is a multi-parameter and mobile chemical sensor which monitors water systems. The project was developed by the students: Ferdous Jahan SHAUN and Kruthiga GOPALAN from ESIEE Paris and João Alarcão, Ricardo Madeira from the Universiade Nova de Lisboa.

The idea of this multi-parameter sensor, partly produced in the white rooms of ESIEE Paris, emerged with our students after their Master thesis on a European research project H2020 « PROTEUS » of which ESIEE Paris is one of the main partners.

Contact : Elyes NEFZAOUI,