ESIEE Paris becomes one of the three finalists for the MEMS contest

The ESIEE Paris team comprising of international students in association with Sorbonne University has gained a place in the final of the international MEMS Contest.

The companies Candence, X-FAB and Coventor in collaboration with the University of Reutlingen have joined forces to organize a global competition for integrated co-designed MEMS devices and their electronic condition.

Aim – To create the best co-integrated systems comprising of an MEMS component and mixed electronics.

The criteria for selecting the finalists consisted of technological innovation and excellence, originality, respect for integrated design flow, organizational skills, high quality documentation and the project’s educational value.

Our finalists who have been led jointly by ESIEE University lecturer and researcher, Philippe Basset, and Sorbonne University lecturer Dimitri Galayko have have attracted attention with their project ‘
3D vibratory energy transducer with electrostatic transduction’ manufactured with a commercial process, which is for the MEMS component or the integrated conditioning circuit.

The three finalists will present their work during the annual conference of Cadence users, CDNLive EMEA 2018, from 7th – 9th May.

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Electromechanical Microsystems (MEMS) are miniature devices with movable vibrating parts which are used to carry out successful use of sensors and actuators. Initially deriving from the microelectronic industry, the MEMS are now present in a large range of consumer products.