ESIEE Paris 6th engineering school in the HappyAtSchool® ranking

ESIEE Paris has been ranked 6th in the HappyAtSchool® ranking for engineering schools out of the 72 participants. This new ranking, based exclusively on students’ opinions, evaluates the quality of their experience as a student.

This is the first ranking carried out by students to determine the best schools and universities to study in. This survey was carried out by ChooseMyCompany.

ESIEE Paris certified by HappyAtSchool®

ESIEE Paris received a scoring of 8.12/10.

Five criteria were taken into account in order to determine the rankings:

  • The quality of setting up for and respect of the environment
  • Academic teaching
  • Student life
  • The strength of relationships with companies
  • Confidence in the future

Each category is evaluated with three questions.

The percentage of students who would recommend their establishment is also taken into consideration as well as the level of participation. To succeed in getting the ‘HappyAtSchool®’ label, the school has to receive an average score of 3.5/5 across the questions, a rate of recommendation above 70% and a level of participation above 20%.

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