ESIEE Connect

Created under the framework of the 2nd Future Investments Programme (PIA 2), ESIEE Connect aims to set up a course on the evolution of connected intelligent systems, innovative sensors, IoT, intelligent objects and onboard systems.

ESIEE Paris applies its course expertise and research capabilities and their benefits to micro and nanotechnologies.



A reference course on the domaine of connected objects

  • Initial professional course
  • Continuous certification course
  • Project based course to develop research
  • Coaching course to assist business creators

ESIEE Connect Consortium

Partner enterprises joined the “ESIEE Connect” consortium last November. The ESIEE Connect consortium joins together academic partners, businesses and accompanying start-up structures.

The explosion of connected objects

In 2015: 84million connected objects were sold, a market value of 9 billion dollars

In 2019: The market value will represent 25 billion dollars

With the development of connected objects, we are preparing our students for the professional challenges that they will face.


3 technological platforms dedicated to micro-technologies, MEMS and connected objects

  • 650m₂ clean room with equipment to create all categories of sensors and characterisation of devices
  • RF Communication Platform, micro-waves and optics
  • Onboard systems platform

In order to improve the quality of its service, our school invested in new clean rooms, doubling their surface area from 300m₂ to 600m₂.