Technological Acceleration Program

This acceleration program is one of four parts of the “ESIEE Connect” project, the education center in the connected objects domain.


ESIEE Connect, a connected objects education center.

ESIEE Paris has joined with Agoranov to put together a dedicated acceleration program. Agoranov has 15 years experience in enhancement in the technology sectore with links to research laboratories.

Who is it for?

All innovative enterprises and start-ups (Start-up, PME, Spin-off)


5 projects per session. 2 sessions per year, from mid-September to mid-February and from March to July.


Neurosciences, biosciences, micro-fluidity, optics and radiocommunications (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), MEMS (Micro Electro Lechanical Systems) and MEMS RF (Radio Frequence), nanotechnologies, the creation of sensors and specific microstructures, analysis of water and air.


A 5 month programme with 2 main cycles:

  • The prototyping and technological development cycle (a minimum of 40hrs): certification to work in the clean rooms, use of clean rooms and other technological platforms. Accompanied by ESIEE experts renowned for the creation of prototypes and in MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems).
  • Management of innovation, entrepeneurship and of technological industrialisation. Over 100hrs of workshop time with Agoranov and their partners.

Technological platforms

3 technological platforms dedicated to micro-technologies, MEMS and connected objects:

  • 650m₂ of clean rooms with equipment to create all categories of sensors.
  • RF Communications, micro-wave and optic platform
  • On-board systems platform

Accompanied by Agoranov: access to the Agoranov acceleration programme.

Cost of the programme

One fixed cost depending on the profile of your enterprise and one variable cost for the use of the platforms

  • Fixed cost: management cycle, module 1 of the prototyping and development cycle, Agoranov accompaniment, work space made available.
  • Variable cost: up to 22 days use of the clean rooms, laboratory services (outside the programme)

The “Prototyping and technological development” cycle gives you access to the ESIEE Paris clean rooms , the CEMIP education center for up to 22 days at a preferencial rate. The programme is eligible for public R&D grants (BPI France….) and research tax credit*.

*Spending directly linked to the technological acceleration programme, authorised innovative solution research, are eligible for research tax credit. This eligibility is summerised in the general tax code statement, therefore it up to the enterprises to verify this.

ESIEE Connect Consortium

You are privileged to be able to benefit from contact with the members of ESIEE Connect who have set-up networks with academic partners, firms of all sizes  and accompanying start-up structures.


Jean-Baptiste BARDON,