Remit your apprenticeship tax

Invest in the education of your future employees!

ESIEE Paris needs your financial support to maintain the highest level of teaching and research.

Our school’s top priority is to constantly adapt to the training needs of industry and services:

  • Stay abreast of major trends in a market that has gone global
  • Provide companies with graduates, engineers, and Master’s recipients that meet their immediate and long-term needs

Since we know our students meet very strong market demands in Europe and around the world, for both small and large companies, we are constantly striving to improve our programmes

Our drive to maintain a high level of expertise and technological capacity requires material and human investments.


Versez votre taxe d'apprentissage à ESIEE Paris !

Why remit your apprenticeship tax to ESIEE Paris?

➡ Since you share our values and our projects, let’s work together!

  • To train engineers that meet your current and future needs
  • To support wider access to grandes écoles
  • To develop research to support teaching and companies
  • To make higher education accessible to young people with disabilities
  • To support international mobility

➡ The apprenticeship tax has allowed us to:

  • Offer new courses to engineering students
  • Launch the “IT and Applications” apprentice programme in Cergy — Since September 2016, ESIEE Paris has offered the “Industrial Engineering: Supply Chain and Digital Technology” apprentice programme in Noisy-le-Grand
  • Support more apprentices and engineering students
  • Expand our assistance to students (CVs, cover letters, mock interviews, pitches, and networking) through the Career Centre and with the help of experts 

👉 75% of our apprentices signed their contract before September

How can you remit your apprenticeship tax to ESIEE Paris?

1. Choose your collecting agency

The payment is made through the Apprenticeship Tax Collecting Organisation (OCTA) of your choice. For example, companies in the Paris area can use forms from the Paris Île-de-France region CCI, the single inter-consular collection agency for the Paris Île-de-France region. Companies in other departments can use AGEFOS PME. You can easily print these forms out from our website. You can also receive assistance by phone at +33 (0)1 55 65 68 50 or by email at (online calculation and payment).

2. Allocate your apprenticeship tax

To maximise your contribution to ESIEE Paris, you must indicate the name of the establishment on the remittance slip so that your tax goes to us. If there is not enough room on the remittance slip, you can attach a list of beneficiary schools.

* In addition to training costs

If you are subject to the CSA (Additional Apprenticeship Contribution), please indicate ESIEE Paris as the beneficiary.

Partner with an engineering grande école!

If you would like to remit your apprenticeship tax to ESIEE Paris, please contact us.

Julie Girault +33 (0)1 45 92 67 16