Remit your apprenticeship tax

Invest in the education of your future employees!

ESIEE Paris needs your financial support to maintain the highest level of teaching and research.

Our school’s top priority is to constantly adapt to the training needs of industry and services:

  • Stay abreast of major trends in a market that has gone global
  • Provide companies with graduates, engineers, and Master’s recipients that meet their immediate and long-term needs

Since we know our students meet very strong market demands in Europe and around the world, for both small and large companies, we are constantly striving to improve our programmes

Our drive to maintain a high level of expertise and technological capacity requires material and human investments.


Partner with an engineering grande école!


If you would like to remit your apprenticeship tax to ESIEE Paris, please contact us.

Julie Girault +33 (0)1 45 92 67 16