Alumni network

A network of over 8000 alumni

The AA-ESIEE is the alumni association for ESIEE Paris.  Founded on 12 July 1905, the association gathers together the engineers from:

  • ESIEE Paris,
  • ESIEE Amiens,
  • The École Breguet (EBP, renamed ESIEE in 1966)

and graduates from ESIEE Management (formerly ISTM).

The AA-ESIEE became a recognized association by Decree of 1 June 1927.

Almost 5000 of a total of approximately 8000 former students, that have graduated since it was created, are currently in employment.

The employment and careers service of the association:

  • Manages job offers for experienced/senior
  • Provides career management assistance to former students
  • Brings its expertise to first jobs from ESIEE Paris

The AA-ESIEE has introduced many tools and services in order to promote network development such as the directory, magazine, web site, brochure, social networks, etc.


Alumni Association ESIEE Paris
19, avenue Niel
75017 PARIS

France Pérez
Tel. :  01 47 63 64 98