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Our alumni network has more than 10,000 graduates. Nearly 7,000 of them are currently in the workforce.

Alumni ESIEE Paris

AA-ESIEE, our alumni association, includes engineers from ESIEE Paris, ESIEE Amiens, École Breguet, and graduates of ESIEE Management (formerly ISTM).

Its mission is to boost the school’s influence and image while promoting the value of the diploma and the strength of the links between ESIEE community members.


AA-ESIEE’s missions

  • Coordinate the alumni network through the directory, newsletter, and organisation of events
  • Offer career support to alumni
  • Run a site and social networks for alumni
  • Provide a link between students and alumni by participating in school events



Association des anciens élèves ESIEE Paris
19 avenue Niel
75017 PARIS
France Pérez
Tel: +33 (001 47 63 64 98


Find ESIEE graduates through the interactive “Studizz alumni” modules fed by the LinkedIn and Viadeo networks (in French).


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