Biomimicry to build the city of tomorrow : our engineering students innovate

6 students from ESIEE Paris and ESIPE, two of Gustave Eiffel University’s Engineering Schools have won the second prize in an ideas competition on the theme of :

▶ Biomimicry, a source of inspiration for concrete : a quest for the cities of the future.

On September 28th, for the 7th year running, the « Syndicat National du Bêton Prêt à l’Emploi (SNBPE) » and the « Centre d’Information sur le Ciment et ses applications (CIMbéton) », organized their annual competition intended for students from engineering and architecture schools.

The students that participated worked on projects about biomimetic cities which highlighted the environmental and societal dimensions of cement and concrete.

« Bees to drone » concept

It is by observing nature (biomimicry) that students had the innovative idea of developing a construction concept of a concrete building using the help of a fleet of drones, which would
act like the model of a bee swarm. This inspiration combined with 3D printings enables a remarkable execution speed and removes all the drudgery from the act of building.

This project particularly captured the attention of the judging panel who specially created a second prize to reward the innovative idea developed by the students.

This project was introduced during the 2021 edition of ESIEE Paris’ « Projects Day ».

See the video (in French)

City of the Future

The City of the Future should develop and condense itself in a way that is in keeping with nature, should offer a pleasant living environment, produce its energy, recycle its waste, introduce biodiversity, purify air and water… The students will face so many challenges in the years to come as participants in land development and planning.

Gustave Eiffel University, with ESIEE Paris as a founding member, represents one quarter of French research regarding the cities of tomorrow.

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