Bio-technology and e-health program by MEDICEN

The training of engineers "Biotechnology and e-health" of ESIEE Paris has been labelled by the Pole of Competitiveness MEDICEN Paris-Région last February.

MEDICEN is a pole of global competition of innovative technologies for the new therapies and the Life Sciences & Healthcare.

Following a deposit of first file, we were evaluated in front of a composite commission of industrialists and academics.

This awarded label is for a duration of 4 years.

MEDICEN Paris-Region, what is the mission ?

MEDICEN facilitates the fields of human health, (prevention, diagnosis, therapy and related technologies) the transfer of innovations to the industry sector, the market and the patient themselves. It also contributes to the training of the professionals of tomorrow and aims to increase the competitiveness of companies, so that the Ile-de-France becomes one of the world centers of translational medicine

The sector "Biotechnology and e-health" of ESIEE Paris

This course of study forms engineers capable of analysing needs linked to the development of products or techniques in life sciences and of mastering the technical stakes. It allows the acquisition of the  knowledge of the biological and medical systems but also of the treatment and of the management of the information of health.

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