Back to 2018 : Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence in the spotlight

In this new school year of 2018, ESIEE Paris welcomes more than 750 new engineering students:

  • 320 students enter the first post-baccalaureate year
  • 140 students in the 1st year of the full-time engineering cycle
  • 270 students in apprenticeships and 28 in international courses

ESIEE Paris is therefore clearly continuing to increase its workforce with nearly 1,900 students in engineering training.

ESIEE Paris is transforming two of its courses

Cybersecurity of Information Systems

Hacking, ransomware, phishing, denial of service, espionage… Cybersecurity and cybercrime are taking an increasingly important place in today’s world. ESIEE Paris is updating its teaching and transforming its Information Systems course into a “Cybersecurity of Information Systems” course. This course trains engineers capable of meeting the needs of companies and public bodies in terms of information system security, operating systems, communication networks and physical security.

The objective is to train operational engineers who master end-to-end security: from hardware to software and data protection.

See the details of the Cybersecurity of Information Systems course

Datascience and Artificial Intelligence

In a context of digital transformation of companies and a very strong growth in Datasciences, BigData and Artificial Intelligence, ESIEE Paris is updating its Data and Networks sector.

The objective of the “Datascience and Artificial Intelligence” course is to train engineers specializing in data processing, machine learning, and the implementation and deployment of solutions.

See the details of the Datascience and Artificial Intelligence course


Press release – back to 2018

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